Trinity International: Produce Bags With Embroidered Logo

Sep 10, 2020

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Trinity International: Produce Bags With Embroidered Logo

Oem Factory / Store Name: Trinity International

Oem Products: Accept To Produce Bags Premium Bag Notebook Bag Wallet Bag

Basic Information Production Factory: Bag Factory Produce Bags With Embroidered Logo

Preliminary Production Conditions: The Factory Accepts Minimum Orders Depending On The Size And Complexity Of The Bag Design.

Factory Contact Information

Address: 166 Soi Sihaburanukit 6, Sihaburanukit Rd., Minburi Subdistrict, Minburi District, Bangkok 10510


Tel: 084-707-3903


T&T Back: Made to order cloth bags and materials Bag

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Better Goods : Accept all types of bags

Aug 20, 2020

Basic information Production plant: Production plant Made to order bags We accept all types of bags.

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Sahachai Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Aug 20, 2020

Bag production Bag design We produce bags with logo attached.

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Absolute: Order A Bag Making With Logo

Sep 10, 2020

accept to produce bags Fashion bag backpack travel Bag factory of all kinds

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Bag-World: Luggage logo attaching service

Sep 10, 2020

produce bags according to customer designs

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